How it works

Our BOSS services won’t necessarily reflect where you are now. For instance, if you’re a luxury tick over, but you’re looking to grow, tick either Lifestyle Growth or Scale Up.

So, which business do you aspire to be?

Luxury Tick Over (LTO)
  • Successful Fixed Income business
  • Working less than 37.5 hours per week
  • 6 or more weeks holiday per year
Lifestyle Growth (LG)
  • Growing Business
  • Excess disposable income
  • Most weekends off
  • 4-8 weeks holiday per year
Scale UP (SU)
  • 40+hr working week
  • Annual growth > 25% pa
  • 7-8 figure exit target inside 7 years

Alexander Michael instantly made an impact on the business I took over. In under 4 years, revenue had increased by more than 800%.

Damon Clark, Wilderness Expertise (formerly Amphibia UK)