Our Vision


We see countless examples and hear endless stories describing the entrepreneurial journey as a lonely experience, and the statistics certainly back it up. The Office of National Statistics 2015 figures show that out of 5.4 million businesses in the UK, 4.1 million do not employ anyone. Out of that 4.1 million, nearly 2 million won’t make it to 2020. Whilst spouses and friends take a natural interest, they either don’t possess the skill set to assist or are far too busy with their own lives to be anything more than a listening post.

We believe it’s essential that this problem is addressed for two reasons. Firstly, an owner managed business can deliver a personalised experience that delights the consumer in a way that a corporate can never do. Secondly, and more importantly, livelihoods and lasting happiness are at stake for business owners and their families.

There is so much noise about the right books, the right methods and the right people to talk to, that the whole picture can become very clouded, very quickly; and that is all going on whilst the business owner is dealing with supplier issues, late customer payments, computer problems and software glitches.

However, on the other side of the coin, the opportunities are limitless and the journey can be so much fun. Big business has spent billions on cloud-based solutions, that allow small businesses to act and think big for less than the cost of a meal out. Think Mailchimp, Xero, Paypal and Infusion Soft to name just a few. Used in the right way, they give the business owner back so much of his two most valuable commodities, time and money.

We believe that having people who have been there and done it in a supporting role is invaluable, but the chances of success multiply exponentially when this is combined with assistance in implementation, and that’s why BOSS (Business One Stop Shop) does what it does.



We see those 4.1 million small businesses succeeding for the benefit of the consumer, the business owner and their families – win, win, win.

BOSS exists to empower this and future generations of entrepreneurs with the assistance and knowledge that they need to make it big in business. What naturally follows is our big game in the medium term, to introduce ‘How to start and grow a successful business in to the national school curriculum’.